LaiFaBar 来發” which meant “welcoming Prosperity”.

LaiFaBar 来發” which meant “welcoming Prosperity”.

LaiFaBar was inspired and named after the mandarin auspicious phase “来發” which meant “welcoming Prosperity”.

They honour the embodiment of prosperity in the abundance of wealth & health. Diners are engaged in a dynamic concept space, suited for any celebratory occasion. At Laifabar, everyday brings an occasion to share and spread joyousness.

They are introducing a new menu and tried some of them , thin crust pizza , sweet corn grilled , beef stew , Parma ham pear salad. The official name will be released soon.

The drinks are colourful too. Don’t forget to check out their roof TOP bar with beautiful sky view.


The space also open for corporate booking. Give them a call 33 ERSKINE ROAD S’069333
(+65) 9021 1102






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