PARIS OF THE EAST – GRAND SHANGHAI 大上海 REOPENS IN SINGAPORE with a new look and refreshed menu while retaining its signature Shanghainese taste


grand shanghai

After two decades of bringing authentic Shanghainese cuisine to Singapore, the refurbished Grand Shanghai makes its highly anticipated return with a fresh look and unique dining concept paying homage to the “Old Shanghai” of the 1930s.

The new restaurant space promises a feast for the senses, inspired by the city’s golden age when Shanghai came to be known as “The Paris of the East”. Against a backdrop of Old Shanghai – iconic artdeco motifs and traditional oriental designs – discerning diners can expect to immerse themselves in a vibrant atmosphere of enchanting live entertainment and an extensive menu of decadent delicacies by new Master Chef Jacky Tang that are rooted in Shanghainese cuisine and adapted for the local palate.

“After 20 years of success, we wanted to rebrand Grand Shanghai with a contemporary look and feel while maintaining its original Shanghainese authenticity and heritage,” explains Andy Wong, Vice President, Food & Beverage, Asia, Millennium Hotels and Resorts. “The refresh of our menu, interiors and dining experience is a seamless blend of traditional Chinese tastes with modern influences, celebrating a period in history where Shanghai was Asia’s thriving hub of art, design and entertainment.”





Grand Shanghai is helmed by Master Chef Jacky Tang, who brings with him 28 years of experience working in award-winning restaurants and hotels across Singapore and China and is known for his distinct talent of using innovative new techniques to tease out authentic Shanghainese flavours. The restaurant’s new menu is a celebration of the freshest and finest ingredients, incorporating influences from Hong Kong, Beijing, Sichuan and Singapore.

The extensive menu features a tantalising mix of Shanghainese specialities, dim sum staples and a selection of crispy, tender barbecued meats. Each dish is carefully arranged and presented to resemble exquisite works of art, in a celebration of taste and visual flair.

Elaborating on his culinary creations, Master Chef Jacky Tang shares: “The conceptualisation of these dishes was as much about staying true to Shanghainese cuisine as it was about bringing a superior dining experience to the table. By using premium ingredients from around the world and employing contemporary techniques, these traditional recipes have been updated and elevated to reflect the extravagance of Grand Shanghai.”

Adapted to suit local tastes, the new menu features lighter flavours to complement the Singapore weather as well as the addition of more varied spices. Duck also features heavily in this iteration of the menu for its richness of flavour. Start with the Light and Shadow Crispy Duck – a twist on the traditional beef version – paper-thin slices of duck that shatter into delightfully flavourful shards with hints of wasabi, deftly placed on an intricate Osmanthus syrup sculpture that provides a sweet finish to the dish.

The Grand Shanghai Tea-Smoked Duck, at once crispy and juicy, is served with soft, pillowy handmade buns and presented in a chamber of tea and osmanthus smoke for an infusion of earthy and floral notes with maximum visual impact. For a novel combination of the Peking Duck and the popular Shanghainese lamb wraps, try the Spiced Crispy Lamb – well seasoned cubes of charcoal-grilled lamb with a crunchy cumin and paprika crust, served with a lightly warmed pancakes, scallions, cucumber and a garlic soy sauce for the slightest suggestion of heat.

Other standout signatures also include seafood offerings like the refreshing Fresh Sliced Abalone served cold with a tart pomelo vinegar and sake jelly that beautifully enhances the briny abalone; and the Deepfried Yellow Croaker Fish with Roselle Sauce – slices of lightly deep-fried fish accompanied by a side of homemade pickled onions marinated in roselle jus for a delightful sweet savoury contrast.

A well-stocked bar is located in the main dining area, with an extensive collection of premium wines and a carefully curated selection of rare Chinese spirits and liquors to offer bespoke beverage pairing for every dish, or afternoons of leisure and evenings of indulgence.


The 964 square metres restaurant is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city along the iconic Singapore River. Taking reference from Shanghai’s golden era of art and design, Grand Shanghai showcases an elegant “East meets West”, art-deco-inspired interior accentuated with a mix of modern Chinese furnishings and traditional oriental design elements.


Crystal chandeliers adorn the mirrored ceilings, adding a soft glow and warmth to the space. Chinoiserieinspired vases add a vibrant pop of colour around the 200-seat dining room featuring plush green velvet banquettes. The restaurant also provides various seating options for every occasion including family-style round tables, which may be rearranged to accommodate events for up to 300 guests. For more intimate gatherings, patrons can choose from a selection of four specially designed private rooms each installed with a glorious art-deco chandelier for a touch of luxury.

A focal point of the main dining area is the stage, the centre of entertainment at Grand Shanghai. Against a draped backdrop of the iconic Bund in Shanghai and 1930s memorabilia – including a vintage gramophone, standing microphone and grand piano – expect an exciting line-up of musical performances ranging from traditional Chinese instrumentals to slow jazz, reminiscent of Old Shanghai back in the 1930s, that provide the perfect atmosphere for a night of revelry.

Grand Shanghai is located at 390 Havelock Rd, Level 1 King’s Centre, and is open on Tuesday to Friday,11.30am to 2.30pm for lunch and 6.00pm to 10.00pm for dinner, Saturday & Sunday, 11.00am to 2.30pm for lunch and 6.00pm to 10.00pm for dinner. The restaurant closes on Mondays. All prices listed are subject to service charge and GST. For more information, please visit or call 6836 6866.

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